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Sunday, September 5, 2010 >>7:15 AM

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salam . so , bila difikir kan balek , rse2 nye kiteorg tak cerita lg about us kat sini kann ? so , here's the story begin :

and this is AUNI . her full name is nurul auni bt darul hisham . the A in ASHRA is her name . the first child from.. err , i can't remember , haha . sorryy auni ! but it's oke kann ? hee :) crushing on GALANG in the story : cinta kirana . akim af7's fan . and what's more about her ? friendly . and yeahh , she is in ma'wa class . staying at kg jawa , the girl that staying nearest to school in ASHRA :P

yeahh , this is syazwa . more to called wawa . syazwa azirah binti rahmat is her full name . the S in ASHRA prefer to her . first child in 6 siblings . yeahh , we thought it will gonna be 7 . haha :D crushing on lee min ho . her story about falling in love with gay is so sweet . only ASHRA knows about that story . for us , she is a girl yg pendendam . yeahh , she dosen't like tak tentu arah . means if wanna do something , make sure know how to do it . she's in naim class . staying at andalas .

this is hajar . full name is hajar ummi umairah binti muhd nazali . yeahh , the girl that has longest name in ASHRA , haha :D second child in her siblings . crushing on .... errr . i don't know , haha . always being called sepet by us , haha . it's just for joke . don't sad yahh ? having a complicated relationship with her boyfie . and so perasan . haha :D see her at naim class , same as wawa . staying at her home at taman sentosa . sentosa kehh ? haha :D

and this is rahmah . siti rahmah binti omar . hafizzudin's younger sister , haha . should i tell you ? the R in ASHRA is her . second child , same as hajar . crushing on... err , hell yeahh . i don't know . she is hostelians . sepet same as hajar , but she denied it . we wonder why , haha . sometimes we called her bebear . found her at ma'wa class , same class with auni . staying at kg jawa too :)

and this is aina . aina syairah binti zakaria for the full . the A in ASHRA is for her . the last child in her siblings . crushing on justin bieber . even hajar don't like him -.-" studying in adnin class . hell yeahh , that disaster class . haha . canon eos is her one and only dream that she sure that wouldn't come true . staying at jalan kebun . 

and this is us : LADY ASHRA a.k.a. SILENT KILLER . yeahh , we're using two names . some goes on others people too , we hate those who hate us . living the live to the fullest . any problems , we share together . and try to solve it together . 

and so , that is the story . thanx for reading :)

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